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You’re supposed to eat with the Sun !! If you don’t see the sun don’t eat !! Think about it, our bodies are like plants. We need sunlight (melanin, vitamin D) water (hydration, nutrients, etc) and air (oxygen, carbon dioxide.) Eating after 6pm could be bad news for your heart because the digestive system is less […]

Hey Grade A !! I had to introduce you to the Prince of Richmond one time !! This is C4 & his music is definitely a vibe. You can find him and his music on ALL Platforms. This 28 year old Rapper has definitely came a long way. He’s what we would call “if turning […]

There’s a new sheriff in town !! A Black Owned Business like Uber & Lyft is called the “Black Wolf App” & it’s WHAT OUR COMMUNITY BEEN NEEDING. These drivers are Military trained to keep us and our babies safe at all time. I love this sooo much ! Make sure you tap in Grade […]

  Take One – TBE Supe x VIP The Workout is an upcoming joint mixtape by TBE Supe and VIP E, two of the hottest up-and-coming rappers in the game. The first single off the mixtape, “Take One,” is a hard-hitting banger that showcases the duo’s undeniable chemistry. Over a hypnotic trap beat, TBE Supe […]

Could Never is a song about boss bitch energy and people empowerment. Could Never is a song about boss bitch energy and people empowerment. The artist, Pretty Ke, is from Houston, Texas and the club song has a turn-up vibe. The lyrics let the world know that you’re on your shit and to forget the […]

Pretty Ke is back with her latest release, “Broke in Balenciaga.” Pretty Ke is back with new release, “Broke in Balenciaga.” The track is a motivational anthem for anyone who’s ever struggled to keep up with the Joneses. Pretty Ke addresses the pressure to spend money on designer clothes, even if it means going into […]

Houston artist Yung Al drops the awaited single “Wait For You Freestyle” which is inspired by Future’s hit track “wait for you”.

Phillip Banks, is an artist who celebrates all booties in his song titled “A.B.M.” No matter the size or shape of the bootie,  Banks appreciates it all. In his song, he  pays homage to big booties, small booties, short booties, and tall booties. Banks celebrates all types of booties in his songs, which makes him […]

Who is Sir Quan you ask? Born Charles Butler Jr. aka Charlie Rossilino aka Charlie Ross the Boss is a native of Houston by way of the SWAT SouthWest Alief Texas. As a kid, he moved around which tied him to different hoods such as Deadend, Fondren, Mo City, and eventually Alief. His passion for […]

Sama Sama straight outta East, Texas is shaking up the music scene out there. His high energy and lyrically diverse talents have caught the attention of many listeners everywhere. Born in Grapeland, Texas as Donte Brown. He picked up an undiscovered talent of rapping at the age of 7 at his uncle Frank K9 Studio. […]

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