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East Texas Hidden Musical Talent Artist D Millz

Who is D. Millz D. Millz is an American rap and hip-hop artist originally from East Texas. Growing up in the small town of Grapeland, Texas with his childhood friends and family members he was always surrounded by talent which later influenced him as an artist himself. He had old school uncles/aunts that taught him […]

D Millz

New Single: Could Never by Pretty Ke

Could Never is a song about boss bitch energy and people empowerment. Could Never is a song about boss bitch energy and people empowerment. The artist, Pretty Ke, is from Houston, Texas and the club song has a turn-up vibe. The lyrics let the world know that you’re on your shit and to forget the […]

Could Never

Pretty Ke releases new single Broke in Balenciaga

Pretty Ke is back with her latest release, “Broke in Balenciaga.” Pretty Ke is back with new release, “Broke in Balenciaga.” The track is a motivational anthem for anyone who’s ever struggled to keep up with the Joneses. Pretty Ke addresses the pressure to spend money on designer clothes, even if it means going into […]

Pretty Ke

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