There’s more and more women everyday that wants to dye their hair but is scared that it will be damaged !! It will only be damaged if you dye it and don’t take care of it. The brighter you make it.. the more moisture you’re going to need.

The new Texas Law will force drunk drivers who kill parents to help pay child support. But how will they be able to do that if they’re in jail ?? I need answers.

Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Roland is teaming up to build houses for the homeless !!!! We love to see it.

Rihanna breaks a record again with NO NEW ALBUMS !!

Rihanna’s Gender Reveal was spotted in Barbados. IT’S A GIRL !!!

Bluefase is coming out and admitting he’s only on house arrest because he took all the charges for Chrisean Rock. Meanwhile she’s unbothered, turning up at the BET Awards and other events she’s been invited to. Even fans are saying he’s jealous of her. He even started a new Rap Label named “Milf Music” & […]

Need Lunch or dinner ? Are you too tired to cook when you get home ? Do you have a gathering and you need really good dependable food ??? Order from YAS SHAKUR EATS !!! She’s the Best in Humble, Tx. Made from scratch every time and NEVER DISAPPOINTS !! Google her. She’s on Doordash […]

You’re supposed to eat with the Sun !! If you don’t see the sun don’t eat !! Think about it, our bodies are like plants. We need sunlight (melanin, vitamin D) water (hydration, nutrients, etc) and air (oxygen, carbon dioxide.) Eating after 6pm could be bad news for your heart because the digestive system is less […]

Okay socialites playing too much now. Do y’all think it’s giving ??

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