Social media users are saying that they don’t want to board this because of the legendary Titanic. What do you think of this new cruise ? It’s labeled as a “monstrocity” by critics.  

Omg y’all remember Ashley Grayson? If you don’t brief refresh- Ol girl with the DL hubby & credit repair business that was blowing up from her success. People started coming out saying she a conartist & exposed her for scamming them. Then a few people in particular made some viral tiktoks talking about her sketchy […]

I love how people get into the costumes and starting dancing, turning the kids up !! If you ever rent one for your baby’s party, they are the life of the party !! (Besides your angel) Invite a couple of them and let’s see which ones will be your favorite!!

A man who was staying in a Tibetan Hotel initially thought it was his feet that had caused the terrible stench inside his room until he discovered there was a dead body underneath his bed. First off, if you think your feet smells.. THAT BAD – there’s another problem.  

We were told Mermaids weren’t even real.. for them to make movies and documentaries about them. Just like how they said the Aliens weren’t real.. just for them to come out with documentaries confessing we were right all along. How do you feel about this Grade A ? Do you believe in Mermaids ?

There is absolutely no way a rat did this crime on its own. It’s giving Ratatouille, the movie but the real good version. I believe if you can teach a dog tricks, you can teach a rat too… as many people love having rats as pets. What a time to be alive.  

Mc Donald’s Franchises fined after finding a 10 year old working behind the counter. Did they not think anyone would find out ? Also, what did they think would happen ? I could’ve sworn under 16 years old was illegal still.

I don’t really like people telling me what to do but I love advice to stay healthy as long as I can. Make sure to take notes and slow down on everything. There’s no sense of rushing because the faster you get it.. the quicker it can go.

It seems Cash App have been messing with EVERYONE’S money lately. I hope this issues gets fixed soon before it causes chaos. You know people don’t play about their money.

Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Roland is teaming up to build houses for the homeless !!!! We love to see it.

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