In the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans, Louisiana, a musical prodigy emerged in the 2010s, destined to carve her own path in the industry. Known as RocsiDaRoyaltyQueenSaVage, she has woven her unique Creole heritage into a dynamic musical journey that has captivated audiences worldwide. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, and […]

I don’t really like people telling me what to do but I love advice to stay healthy as long as I can. Make sure to take notes and slow down on everything. There’s no sense of rushing because the faster you get it.. the quicker it can go.

It seems Youngboy wasn’t too happy on how John Gotti III’s sister came at him. He wanted to share a few words on how he felt.

Lil Baby states that he know Young Thug isn’t too happy with Gunna.  

Blue face’s first BM goes live and shares that’s she’s not feeling that fact that Blue Face did her a certain way in the bedroom then back door and got back with Chrisean Rock !! She’s a part of the family now and she’s not going anywhere !!   she’s so pressed she even deleted […]

Ohh Noooo, two friends discovered they are not really friends because of jealousy ??? The Big Star from the Caribbean Spice speaks her mind when she find out Erica Mena is jealous of how emotional Safaree is towards her and doesn’t like how he wasn’t crying for her, in her time of need. Spice also […]

Not Knoxville Zoo thinking they was going to get away with this !! It’s all fun & games until you find out your lion isn’t even a real cat.

If you own or if you’re thinking about owning a Tesla watch out ! Lately people have been keying Teslas and these acts of vandalism have been Happening across the USA more than ever before but thankfully Teslas have cameras that are on at all times and can often identify these criminals. According to social […]

This world we currently live in has no chill !! How would you feel if someone took the “T” off of your Tahoe ?

Longway Tha CEO Olkahoma Ne Wave – DIRTY BLOCK

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