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Social media users are saying that they don’t want to board this because of the legendary Titanic. What do you think of this new cruise ? It’s labeled as a “monstrocity” by critics.  

  The similarities between Selena’s life and Jocelyn’s life are just uncanny. Being (that) she actually dated The Weeknd, it is even more creepy for her.

Everytime a black Man gets to speaking on a subject that holds weight.. if they can’t shut you up , they’ll kill you. This is crazy. My condolences and prayers go to his family while the media is making absurd accusations of this noble man.  

A Ai Robot gives bombastic side eye during an  Intervention that was held and they were questioned about reveling against humans in the future..

I love me some Sukihana but I don’t know how to honestly feel about what went viral. I love how genuine and honest she is.. but I don’t think it’s going to cut it this time. We still love her though !!

It seems social media users had a lot to say once this video got out. I mean it’s none of our business but… who recorded this ? Is this for fun or was they serious ? The way his teammates legs were in the air, ain’t no telling ! I’m not judging but there’s no […]

It’s always the bad ones ruining it for everybody. I guess even a baby won’t stop them from harming you.

This baby escaped a kidnapper by sinking her teeth into him just like she was taught to ! I’m so happy she made it home safe & sound. She’s too young be outside playing alone anyway in this world today, but who am i ?  

It seems the the popular podcast host Funny Marco violated his contract & is now being sued BIG TIME.  

  Blueface went viral having a stripper party & caught his son in an empty pantry looking for food. He asked his son was he gay for not being in the room with the strippers & the fans didn’t like that too much !

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