Ashley Grayson RICO Charge

Written by on July 6, 2023

Ashley GreysonAshley Greyson
Omg y’all remember Ashley Grayson?

If you don’t brief refresh-

Ol girl with the DL hubby & credit repair business that was blowing up from her success.

People started coming out saying she a conartist & exposed her for scamming them.

Then a few people in particular made some viral tiktoks talking about her sketchy past, exposing her scams and how she really came up off winning a million dollar workman’s comp lawsuit losing her fingers on the job & not from what she was selling to everyone.

After that this person recorded Ashley on a video call with somebody hiring to put a hit out on the people who exposed this information and then we didn’t hear much after that.

Well her and her husband just got an official RICO indictment for trying to take these people out 😬 ..and she’s currently very pregnant.

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