Yas Shakur EatsYas Shakur EatsYas Shakur Eats

Need Lunch or dinner ? Are you too tired to cook when you get home ? Do you have a gathering and you need really good dependable food ??? Order from YAS SHAKUR EATS !!! She’s the Best in Humble, Tx. Made from scratch every time and NEVER DISAPPOINTS !! Google her. She’s on Doordash as well and tell her Gwia from Grade A Sent you !!! Make sure you watch her page and order ahead of time when she posts her menu because she sells out fast. You can also keep up with the menu on her IG: @yasshakureats & it will make your day I promise you.

Yas Shakur EatsYas Shakur EatsYas Shakur EatsYas Shakur Eats

Autanee Jackson
Author: Autanee Jackson

Come join me on my Spriritual Journey on naturality, herbs, artists and Life ! Here we talk about explicit, raw and researched results.

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  1. Avatar of Yasmen Thompson

    Yasmen Thompson   On   June 30, 2023 at 12:25 am

    This definitely made my day , I’ve been going through hell seems like but people like you make me know that what I’m doing isn’t easy but keep doing what I’m doing because I can do this for YOU GUYS!!

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