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Social Media talks about trending star from Zeus Network’s Baddies “STUNNA Girl” has a song come if out with a mysterious guest on a feature. Who’s here for it !?

Hey Grade A !! I had to introduce you to the Prince of Richmond one time !! This is C4 & his music is definitely a vibe. You can find him and his music on ALL Platforms. This 28 year old Rapper has definitely came a long way. He’s what we would call “if turning […]

  Hey Grade A !! I know you’re familiar with the beautiful Ice Spice and how she came to Houston for her FIRST concert with us and we definitely was a tough crowd for her !! I was surprised no one was dancing or even trying to vibe with her performance. I like her but […]

Ooopp !!! Summer Walkers spots a fan posting herself wearing her man, “Lil Meech”’s chain and tries to figure out why she’s wearing it ?? Is it too early for Summer to be inboxing fans over the chain ?? Or does Summer not play about her man ? I know that’s right !!

In the past two decades, Houston has produced a plethora of talented artists who have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Superstars like Beyoncé, Travis Scott, and Megan Thee Stallion have not only gained massive followings but also reshaped music history, firmly establishing Houston on the map. Joining this prestigious lineup is SunniThaRapper, […]

The iconic artist Cherry Bee has released a single called “Run Down”! She continues to bring the heat with her newly released visuals on YouTube. Cherry is a very vibrant and energizing independent artist based in Houston Tx. She also has an interview with Squrilla Montana (CEO and Founder of Grade A Media) where you […]

  Houston Artist Play Girl Judy Drops New Visual ” PTPOM”   Houston hip-hop artist Play Girl Judy has just released her new visual for the song “PTPOM.” The music video was filmed  by Squrilla Montana , is a club banger that will have you turning up all night. In the video, Play Girl Judy […]

Amber Dynasty, an R&B artist from Houston, TX, has just released her latest album, The Sag In Me. The album consists of 12 tracks, each of which showcase Amber’s unique style and fiesty personality. Amber’s music is a refreshing addition to the R&B genre, and her Houston roots are evident in her sound. Amber is […]

Brayyyzaeee has just released his newest single called “NEVER THOUGHT”. The song is about how he’s put in hard work, learned a lot and lost friends. It also talks about never thinking things would turn out the way they did because of this effortless decision-making process we go through every day which can leave us […]

  Music artist Haitian Doll releases Hustler Bitch Anthem   Music artist Haitian Doll releases Hustler Bitch Anthem Music artist Haitian Doll has released her latest single, Hustler Bitch Anthem. The song was produced by RavenLamargo and Brent Dixon and the music theme is “baddie but still a boss bitch.” Haitian Doll says that the […]

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