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Written by on January 10, 2024

Shawntrice Allison, known by her stage name Bigg Trikk, is a 28-year-old artist hailing from the heart of Third Ward in South Side Texas. Her passion for music and natural talent as a rapper have catapulted her to success in just one year since she got serious about her craft in May. But don’t let her short time in the industry fool you – Bigg Trikk brings a unique energy and raw talent that sets her apart from other artists.

From an early age, Bigg Trikk knew she had a gift for words and storytelling. However, it wasn’t until she woke up one day feeling frustrated and heard a Yo Gotti beat that she realized music was more than just a hobby for her – it became therapeutic. Her ability to share personal experiences and connect with listeners through her music has given her inspiration to keep pushing forward.

Though still relatively new to the industry, Bigg Trikk has already captured the attention of many with her hit project “Playa Weekend” featuring Cal Wayne. But it’s not just about fame or recognition for this rising star. What truly motivates Bigg Trikk are the memories of who she used to be and the determination to make a better life for herself, her kids, and the loved ones who have supported her throughout her journey.

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What sets Bigg Trikk apart from others in the industry is that she stays true to herself and takes pride in writing all of her own lyrics. She believes that this genuine authenticity connects with audiences on a deeper level than trying to meet industry standards. With lyrics that speak straight from the heart and flow effortlessly, Bigg Trikk’s music is not something to be missed.

While “Playa Weekend” may have caught people’s attention, Bigg Trikk wants fans to check out her latest project “In My Head,” available on all streaming platforms now. The accompanying music video can also be found on YouTube. With her unique sound and infectious energy, Bigg Trikk is sure to make a lasting impression on the music industry and inspire others to chase their dreams with passion and authenticity.

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