Pretty Ke releases new single Broke in Balenciaga

Written by on June 1, 2022

Pretty Ke

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Pretty Ke is back with her latest release, “Broke in Balenciaga.”

Pretty Ke is back with new release, “Broke in Balenciaga.” The track is a motivational anthem for anyone who’s ever struggled to keep up with the Joneses. Pretty Ke addresses the pressure to spend money on designer clothes, even if it means going into debt. Ke also calls out people who act like they’re better than others because of the labels they’re wearing. Despite the materialistic message, Pretty Ke’s lyrics are uplifting and encourage listeners to stay true to themselves. “Broke in Balenciaga” is sure to be a hit with Pretty Ke’s fans and is sure to get them pumped up for the next release.

Produced by : Breezo Senpai

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