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Chileeee, this lady was all over plies and by the looks of it…. SHE WAS READY !!! I’m glad he recorded this because this is how sexual allegations start and she looked pretty drunk. Then after she proceeded to say how “nervous” she was, she said he had scooby doo teeth !!! She didn’t even […]

I’ve been a hug fan of Kash Doll and we even have the same birthday. Her talent is immaculate but when I seen this complaint on how they work with other, I don’t think this is a good way to go. Allegedly, her manager hired someone for their transportation to get back and forth to […]

Tyler Perry Makes History by BUYING BET & VH1. For the first time in 21 years BET is OFFICIALLY BLACK OWNED again !! & for the FIRST TIME EVER, VH1 is now Black Owned. Congratulations Mr. Perry, Everytime I see his name in something, it’s something BIG !  

The Internet goes crazy as Shaquille O’Neal inboxes a pretty woman on twitter claiming she’s “too pretty” to be working. Twitter is saying how Shaq was shooting his shot and she messes it up. LOL, let’s take a look Grade A. Shaq’s response is… “Just laugh and keep going.” I know that’s right Shaq !!

A concerned mother of two boys gone missing has came to the conclusion that her babies are missing and she feels like she won’t see them again so why not expose the “truth.” The claims the Bass Family is the Epstein of Texas. She video is going viral on TikTok and they way she’s explaining […]

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