Deshaun Watson Trade

Written by on March 26, 2022

Deshaun Watson will be the new quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. Watson waived his non trade clause for the move, which will reportedly net him $230 million over five years. The Clevland Browns have given up alot to receive Deshuan. While the spot light is on the team, there are factors that may be concerning regarding the effectiveness of the quarterback.

One concern is the amount of time spent away from the field. Watson has not played in over a year. His football capabilities are in question as he has been in and out of court with no palying and/or practice in.

Possible future charges are another concern for the team. Althought the the grand jury did not indict Watson, that doesn’t mean that in the future if new evidence comes to light that they can’t indict him then.

With Watson being so fresh in the league their concern is the scruntiny. Can he handle all the pressure of being the “Bad Guy” role.


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