Cyclopse Puppy

Written by on June 30, 2023

Cyclopse Puppy

Photo by: Amie de Martin

The owner of this puppy was astonished when her pet gave birth to a white one-eyed, two-tongued, and noseless puppy. The family worked hard to keep it healthy, feeding it powdered milk with a dropper, but unfortunately, it didn’t work, so they had to take it to the vet. Tragically, ‘Cyclops’ passed away due to its birth deformities. The vet mentioned that Cyclops’ mother likely ingested something toxic during pregnancy. However, the mother was also advanced in age, which could have been another factor. This congenital anomaly, characterized by the presence of a single or partially divided eye, has been described in many vertebrate species, including humans, and is sometimes associated with the presence of a trunk or proboscis.


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