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I’m Arthur Clark also known as King Arthur Clark. I’m born in Galveston, TX. I’m born on 43rd St. My stomping grounds is Palm Terrace. I ran the streets with Lil Larry and when I was in school I hung out with David Flower, Casey Hampton, and Brandon Ford. Me and David were rappers, Casey and Brandon were football players, but in school we were always together. That was my niggas.
Let’s get to how I even started rapping. First, I was a Michael Jackson fan. I use to practice all the moves, got 501’s, the jackets, ect.. We all did at that time. I never thought about rapping. I use to beatbox. That was my thing. When I first saw the the Fat Boys, I wanted to beatbox. Those were my first influence. Really Human BeatBox. My brother was selling dole for Fila Mic. Fila Mic was a King Pin. When I met him, I wanted to be him. I wanted to be like him. He had all the money and women loved him and he dressed better than everybody. I wanted that, so I told him. I asked him to sell dope for him and he said I can’t sell dope for him and ask me have I ever thought about rapping? I told him No, I beatbox. I can’t rap. He said I should try rapping. Then he wrote the first raps for me. That’s where it all began. I started rapping. I was battling rapping against everybody and I was getting better by the day. When I say I was challenging everybody and winning, That’s what it was. Only one dude beat me in Galveston and That’s Lil Mac. I haven’t seen him since he won. I did competitions at The Moody Center in Galveston and that’s the dream of a Galveston Nigga. I did that at 10 years old. That’s when I knew I had something for real. I’m from 4 – Trey and My Big Homey Snake always made me remember that. He my Big Homey and also became one of my best friends to this day. 4 Trey considered Palm Terrace and Parkland. That’s us!
My mother met Delphonse, who became my step dad. He was a Haitian. That was the 1st time I even heard of a Haitian, but he married my momma and since my dad died when I was 7, He was my dad and he and my momma decided to move to Miami and I was the youngest of my brothers, so I move with my momma to Miami.
When I move to Miami, I was in Little Haiti. I learned that the 1st day I got there. Nobody was like What’s up or Hey, or non of that, It was Bonjour. Everybody spoke creole broken down French. It was like I move to a new country. Well let’s focus on music. As I was living in Little Haiti, we had neighbors moved across the street from me and they heard me rap and let me know they had a Uncle and he doing big things in Miami. I met with him. His name was Calvin Mills lll. His kids are “The Puppies” and was signed to Sony. He was responsible for all the sound that Luke wasn’t responsible for. He became my executive producer and I began writing for most of the artist in Miami, M-4sers, Fresh Celeste, Jammin G, and The Puppies. Then I did Debbie Debb remix as a feature, ect…. Working with Joey Boy, Convertible, and Pandisc… Not known worldwide but big in Florida in Miami Bass. Then I was ask to do a song that was a contradiction to my life. Nonchalant had a song called 5’o clock in the morning and my producer wanted me to do a song about stop smoking and drinking and at that time that’s all I did so I said I refuse to, so I was released from my contract. Then I did what I had to sell dope and rob. Miami shit. Got caught up, but still was into music so I went to this convention called “How Can I Be Down”… That’s when I rapped for everybody and I do mean everybody. Well I met Kinsu when I was in a rap battle on South Beach and landed a chance to be on Blade Soundtrack with the Wolfpak. So this day I went gold with the Wolfpak on the song Gangsta Bounce. That was the last thing I did in Miami until I got discovered from Model Search of America and started modeling and acting. Had a damn good run with that and that’s when legal money made sense to me. I saw thousands. My heart was always in to rap so when I was on my way to my agency I was walking South Beach I saw Athletes and Rappers and Taped Vans everywhere and I went in the agency ask for my composites and passed them out everywhere and it was a convention. I rapped for everybody and one of the people I rap for was doing a album with 2Pac, Master P, Lazy Bone, ect… I wanted to be on that album. I also met Lord Tariq and that was the realest nigga and he tried to get me to sign with Kevin Mitchell so between those 2. I was gone deal with one of them. Either New York or California. California called first. Q – IKON called a month after convention told me be ready to leave tomorrow and I was. That’s how I moved to California. I was signed to Q. We were with KnockOut Entertainment under WEA (Warner Electra Atlantic) distribution. We did that album with 2Pac on it. Q was in partnership with D.R.E. and Dre didn’t know what to do with the album and Warner shelfed it. We all fell off, so I met Shia LeBeouffe, and he got me with Beverly Hecht Agency and helped me land my first National commercial a Carson Daly Pizza Hut Super Bowl Commercial. I also met somebody else who don’t like to be exposed but as far as music goes and radio, He was somebody and he introduced me to Damizza. Me and Damizza was building until some drama came my way with this producer. I lost that situation. I don’t think it’s gone, just I messed up. Then Sag went on strike. Me and Q was distant. Me being a street nigga, I end up robbing and selling dope again. Got addicted to the lifestyle and and gave up rapping, modeling and acting, but my heart was there. I never actually gave up, I just thought, I’m that no matter what and what’s mines is mines no matter if I’m searching or it finds me. Well I kept making music. I started working with Big Tephlon and Tiecc Tocc and they were my favorite producers. I also liked my boy Ace from Centinella That started looking unpromising, then I started working with 2TP. We were doing shows. They believed in me and was pushing me but my heart was in hoes and white collar crimes. I finally got the biggest break of my life. I was opening up for Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy at The Arrow Head Pond and I got locked up before I can do it on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I got out 2010. I had a different eye. I was focused on music but I was only talking about prison stuff and I didn’t like it. I was staying at Substance Abuse Program to get off parole in 6 months and started doing extra work for Axium and Central Casting. I knew the industry hustle and I got back to the money doing extra work and also met Jonnique who became my ride or die. We were real con artists. We did whatever and were shady too at that time. Her heart was still young so I let her do whatever she wanted to do. I didn’t care, but I started writing for her and I was focused on her maybe too much. I ended up living for her and me and her both went to jail on a robbery. I wasn’t bout to let her do Time, so I signed an affidavit to let her go and do whatever deal they want to give me. I did 3 years on 211. Once I got out all my connections were scattered. I know so many people but so out of reach. Then social media came. Everything is done with internet and God knows internet was my downfall. I got of prison it was all about YouTube and I still don’t know YouTube and all this internet stuff. I end up getting into exotic dancing. I was dancing for 3 years at The Right Track, the #1 exotic club in LA. I had got tired of that because of the politics and started throwing Swinger parties with Satin N Lace. I did that for some time then decided to move back to Texas.
I moved back to Texas but now in Texas City, but my focus was and still is Galveston. I bought a compan, Galveston Entertainment, and I was searching for a producer and after months, met Boss the Messiah and we did No Mercy. I used No Mercy to get int Coast to Coast competition, lost to 30 Wayz, but I knew I was gone lose because I had nobody to really cheer for me because my family so separated. They hate each other. That’s new for me. Well the judges was Solo and Swift so I built a relationship with them and did a EP with solo and a song with Swift. Me and Swift like family and Solo Im forever grateful to. We’ll June 27th I was invited to The Award Ceremony and that was God’s gift to me. I connected with everybody who created the Houston sound that day. Now I got a song with Mike B, Jhiame Sinatra, Solo, Swift, and Harvey Luv and I’m still


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