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Written by on March 18, 2022

SXSW 2022


Are you looking to showcase your talent at this year’s SXSW Music Festival?

We have the opportunity for musicians. Join us for the 2022 SXSW Music Festival from March 19-20 in Austin, Texas. New, developing, a project showcasing selected Artists and enhancing their careers by reaching new audiences Were giving musicians a chance to be noticed and heard at the SXSW festivals this weekend. We will be hosting interviews, performances, and more live music placements as well as SEO article writeups!




– Chance to be heard by industry professionals and music fans alike
– Get interviewed or perform live on our station
– SEO article writeups to increase your web presence
– Showcase your music to a wider audience

The great artists at this year’s SXSW festival will be able to stand out from the rest with a professional and high-quality interview for their publication or blog post. The Musicians we highlight in our interviews are picked carefully; they’re musicians who have something special.

We are running an interview series where representives from our team will be interviewing and highlighting selected Musicians. High Quality and professional interview for SXSW Publications article and youtube blog post .You will be given 2 profile pics and 10 minutes recording so that we can capture what makes you special on video form. A live performance captured for broadcasting on YouTube and  blog article.

The Process 

    • Complete Payment
    • Fill out the registration form, so we can get additional information to use for the article write up
    • Photograph Shot Profile Pictures for the article
    • You will be mic up and we will conduct a soundcheck for quality
    • We can Film on location and we have stations set up across 6th street
    • The Interview length is 10mins
    •  A live performance to be captured for broadcasting


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Derrick “Squrilla Montana” Williams (born May 1, 1989) is an American film director. His production company, Grade A Media Productions, has produced more than 500 film projects since 2008. He has since written and directed such films as Icrush The Movie(2015), The Ride To Revenge (2017), Sunday In Houston(2018). Squrilla Montana is a film director and manager that created a platform to promote upcoming entertainers and small businesses. Squrilla began his career at the first successful Black own Tv stations, UHN and UTN. There, he worked his way up from production assistant to head director. Derrick’s unique approach and business mind have gained him a reputation that has earned him the respect of his peers in the Texas industry. He has learned the business from the ground up helped his clients reach more considerable heights.

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