Inmate in Texas dies of medical negligence

Written by on February 23, 2022

,Inmate in Texas

An inmate of TDCJ ( Texas Prison System ) died after allegedly suffering from medical negligence for months. The inmate’s daughter claims, that her father’s health issues were ignored by prison staff and that he was ultimately let die a slow and painful death. The daughter is calling for an investigation into the matter. This story is still developing and will be updated as more information becomes available.


Words from her daughter wanted to share my father’s story.
My Dad was the victim of TDCJ, there had been suspicion of medical negligence for the last few months, My Father was 63 yrs old with underlining health issues that tdcj ignored, they let him suffer until he got soo sick to the point he was dying. He went to hospital back in December to get checked they sent him back to his unit where they place him in seg(solitary confinement) for 14days to Quarantine for covid precaution because he went to a hospital, he was left there for 32 days! And not given his medications regularly for his liver disease. It wasn’t until I called to do a wellness check that they Coincidently let him out the next day, then he was sent back to the hospital because he had gotten worse, he then was sent back and was being treated on the offsite medical facility, they put him back in regular population less than a week later, two weeks later he was going to Tdcj Hospital in Galveston for 16 days. 12 of those days he was left in a holding cell-like some sort of dog until he was admitted. By that time his body was deteriorating, he died a few days later. Mind you my family and I were constantly calling the whole time and these ppl wouldn’t tell us anything they were rude to everyone. All they kept saying was the inmate was fine. Then on February 6 we got a call from a doctor saying he was the sickest patient in the ICU unit and he may not make it to tomorrow, we drove to The hospital that day and when we arrived they told us he had just passed. Fortunately, they let us see him anyway, but even that was a big deal to get them to do. Once we got upstairs, my father was in a covid ward in ICU, he looked Malnourished, his hands were freezing for someone who had just passed, he didn’t even have on any hospital socks, his wrist had smallcuts were they hand handcuffs too tight. His foot had big cut with a bandage on it, and on his right arm had second/third degree burns that were not treated the arm still had bubbles from the burn, we originally thought that must of been why he went to the hospital because he told us he had burned his arm when he was cooking with the crockpot. They left his arm untreated and stuck a bandaid over it! Literally just a bandaid. Once we arrived home the day after his passing there was a letter in the mailbox he had written to me. My heart broke into pieces. The date on the letter was dated January 28th He had been there since the 22 of Jan , he was admitted on February the 2 and went to icu on the 5th died on the 6th. My family and I and are outraged by the the negligence of his care and truly believe they allowed him to die. We are getting an attorney involved and seeking justice for my father and all the other sick loved ones that are incarcerated and are being mistreated. Please if you have a loved one incarcerated inform them of the HIPPA paperwork, In order for you to get any medical information on them. We are still asking for donations for my dads funeral expenses, anything beyond that will go to legal fees for the attorney. Thank you All who have donated.
Our DaD didn’t deserve this ——- The GARZA Family


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