Bun B & Friends Took Over Houston!!!

Written by on March 12, 2022

Crocodile tears fell from his eyes as Bun B wrapped up his set, H-Town Takeover, by calling it “the greatest night” of his life.

NRG Stadium was packed with 73,257 people to see Houston’s music superstars share the stage at RODEOHOUSTON tonight. The crowd sang word for word to all the artist’s hit singles. A sold-out show that was full of energy in freezing cold temperatures. A good look most definitely!

Everyone came out dressed in their finest western apparel including the boots & slabs to match so they could set it off in the NRG baby! It was a great look for Houston. It proved that the masses can come together in peace to have a good ole time in the name of rap music and R&B. This will go down in history!!! H Town Take Over 2022 by Bun B! Slab line was perfection and showed exactly what it’s all about!

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Terry Bennett
Author: Terry Bennett

Terry Jean Bennett is a multi-media journalist from Houston, Texas; she writes, edits, and coaches future media specialists concentrating on public speaking. Terry contributes to Grade A Media Productions and Grade A Radio as management, author, and on-air personality. Terry is an on-air personality and host on ROKU television; Real Talk, Reaction TV Promote. Terry is an art dealer and loves collecting African art from all over the world.

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