Leafly Therapy: Houston’s NEW #1 Fav Mobile Cannabis Massage Business!

Written by on August 17, 2022

Learn more about: Leafly Therapy! Houston’s NEW #1 Favorite Mobile Medical Cannabis Massage Business!

Leafly Therapy’s Founder & Therapist: Adelina I. Sanchez

Leafly Therapy

Adelina I. Sanchez (LMT)

Creativity and innovation are all it takes to provide a solution to existing problems without creating more. Mix that with poverty, hope, empathy and determination; you get Black Girl Magic! This is a fact proven by Adelina Inez Sanchez the founder and therapist of Leafly Therapy (a mobile medical massage therapy company, specializing in medical cannabis therapy).

Born in Chicago –from a strong Puerto Rican and Cuban bloodline; yet raised in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Adelina was faced with the responsibility of taking care of her premature sister. Among the many therapies, her baby sister Jazmin Milagros benefitted the most from the help of a “Curandera”. This Holistic Healer utilized a therapy involving medical cannabis. Later on in life, Adelina realized the improvement in her sister’s medical condition had to do with the cannabis rubbing alcohol used in those massage therapy sessions. This led to intense research and the birth of Leafly Therapy.

With no family, friend or financial support the exposure of which never became a reality over a period due to lack of the above. However, being a determined woman, she was able to fight her way through the obstacles and is establishing a respectful name for herself- Leafly Therapy.

As the subject matter expert, Leafly Therapy is proud to be a pioneer in the medical massage therapy field and is working towards building a healthy relationship between the massage therapy industry and the cannabis industry- with constant promotion towards breaking thru the forefront of the medical industry. Adelina I. Sanchez has been licensed for over 15 years, but has been practicing since the age of 7 years old -this is her gift! Ms. Sanchez is a Mobile Medicinal Massage Specialist Alleviating Physical & Mental Pain.

Leafly Therapy offers:

  • Mobile (in-home/office/venue) Medical Massage Therapy services in: Houston, Laredo, Austin, Dallas & Chicago.
  • All natural and homemade CBD “My Green Herb” infused topical products. (Body butters, Salves, Epsom Salt, Rubbing Alcohol & more!)
  • Educational classes & workshops for clients and providers.

Leafly Therapy makes and incorporates CBD infused Body Butters, Salves, Rubbing Alcohol, and Epsom Salt, to name a few, that will not leave you stoned or high, but healthier. Over time, clients have found their symptoms improving and even disappearing with a regular Leafly Therapy CBD massage regimen. Treat yourself with Leafly Therapy massages and products, and you will notice the difference.

Leafly Therapy’s customized CBD infused massage therapy sessions are effective against chronic pain & inflammation commonly caused by: Cancer, Diabetes, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, Anxiety, Menstruation, Sciatica, Depression, antibiotic-resistant infections, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis & Eczema, and especially Rheumatoid Arthritis.

With the desire to help people feel better as a priority, Leafly Therapy also makes it a top priority to promote & encourage the use of medical Cannabis/CBD and natural herbs by educating the public on the hidden benefits of this powerful plant, the myths & stigmas. Decriminalizing and dissolving the stigmas of both industries (massage and cannabis) is the mission of Adelina I. Sanchez. Advocating for wellness, healthier lifestyle regimes and mental health is of great importance!

“My Mission is to merge both the Massage Therapy industry and Cannabis industry, to push to the Medical Forefront!” -Adelina I. Sanchez


For questions, inquiries and/or booking, email or TEXT:
(832) 409-4079
Adelina Sanchez

Leafly Therapy

Adelina Sanchez
Author: Adelina Sanchez

Medical Massage Therapist specializing in Cannabis Therapy.

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