Did Azealia Banks Get Her Lick Back?

Written by on June 13, 2023

Dc young fly

The Beautiful Wife of DC Young Fly recently passed away during a “Mommy Make-Over.” Through this tough time DC Young Fly can’t seem to catch a break while A. Banks declares being responsible for this tragic accident. As you all know; Nick Cannon’s Wild n’ Out show is a comical game show that will keep you laughing all day ! On this episode below A.Banks was a guest and fans were expecting a big talk out of her; like a usual normal day on social media. This day she seemed to have her gaurd down and didn’t seem to enjoy DC’s jokes as much as others. After her feeling like colorism was used against her – A.Banks kept hitting DC with her blows. He played along until she refused to talk about anyone else but him ! He then soon laughed and warned Banks to “leave me aloneeee” before his jokes got even more hilarious. Let’s take a look:

Now as this episode was 4 years ago, it seems A Banks still felt some type of way and claims black people were laughing AT her and not with her. She was still holding a grudge !! Who knew ??? The beautiful Mrs. JackyOh passed on May 31, 2023 and Banks claims her passing was her revenge; stating she was responsible and very much so delighted that it happened on her 31st birthday.

Dc young flyDc young fly









WAIT – That’s not all !! It gets juicer because Azealia Banks claims she got her lick back – so try to keep up. Now remember Azealia had already been bragging she’s into Voodoo, has been killing chickens in her closet and got initiated to her Spirit Guides. Do y’all believe her ? Is this another joke of hers ? Or is she really.. as the audience says, “delulu” ?
Dc young fly
Dc young fly










When did it become okay to joke about someone’s death? When did it become okay to take jokes literal ? When did it become okay to make revenge an excuse to leave babies motherless ?
Whew, Chileee !! What do you think is really going on at this point Grade A ? Either way, I pray for DC Young Fly and his family to not feed into this and I pray for the other party as well at this moment because death is nothing to play with and GOD does not like ugly. May she rest in peace.

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