Slim Thug Goes Off On Master P & Rappers Selling Their Catalog “Going Broke And Lying”

Written by on July 10, 2023


Slim Thug Goes Off On Master P & Rappers Selling Their Catalog


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You want to jump back in that same line with the rest of them who keep complaining everyday see the thing is that there’s a lot like you can’t trust rappers advice a lot of the time cuz they when they broke they can act like they ain’t even a rapper broke he got to act like you ain’t you know what I’m saying so it’s hard to get real advice when a rapper getting f***** over him I want to tell you cuz he’s too tough he like now I’m I’m straight now bro and you don’t want to say it cuz you got to act like you get money but you really don’t know what the f*** is you really don’t know about business like and that’s what’s that’s why I get embarrassed like I’m not just trying to getting people business I just know how these people looking at us like we so dumb that it’s embarrassing like what other business in the world do you have to sell your business to make money if I’m opening up you can Chick-fil-A do I sell the Chick-fil-A everyday and it was all my idea and my recipe I got to learn the business so here you just own my business I’m going to give you my business and then let you give me Crumbs you can give me just with a one meal cost a day and I’ll be cool with that now come on man you can’t be a businessman if you think that makes sense man you can’t be a religious man if you think that sounds decent and it’s embarrassing for other people over and over and over and over and over again why what’s so hard about I have never in my life man I have never in my life yet I’ve been a club off I’m in the street wherever it is I hear a song I hear that bit he’s fine I don’t give a sound tonight good music a hit is going to be a hit man point blank. a hint is going to be a hit stop trying to hop to the top stop trying to skip the work of the hills stop trying to do all of the face with the fake news to get them to pay for this job if you really that that mean they help start being able to do it without them if you really that you know I’m saying I only way you should be going them is if you trying to scam them cuz they already trying to scam you dude only way you should go over there is if you trying to scam them and you like man I really can’t wrap that good but because I’m going to go get this quick check they giving me and then I’m going to just live off of that but I’m going to flip it a thousand times cuz them folks is sticking out at unless you down with pride money you need to not do that

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