Relapsed or Fed Up?

Written by on June 13, 2023

As you all know the Big Star From Love & Hip Hop turned into a bigger star on Zeus Network with her own show “Joseline’s Cabaret.” The Puerto Rican Princess just did her big one early June on an amazing performance and broke down into tears. “The reason why I’m so emotional.. cuz this is my first time performing without any cocaine, without any pills,” and without further ado, she got the well rounded applause she deserved for making that goal for herself!!!


With the congratulations she gotten I think it might have been too soon. On one of her seasons she had a girl named “Big Lex” and she wasn’t a fan on how Joseline treated or talked to the women competing for her show. Once the season was over Big Lex came out with her own tv series on “Now That’s TV” and it’s been up ever since !! There was even an interview where Big Lex expressed how she felt towards Joseline.


Recently Joseline Hernandez Performed at the Floyd Mayweather VS John Gotti III fight & blogs caught that fact that it got real ugly back stage !!

Joseline Hernandez










This is crazyyy !! Fans are saying the Puerto Rican Princess has relapsed and starting going off on everyone backstages even the security gaurds. No bueno. Also… I’m just curious as to why Big Lex didn’t have back up meanwhile Joseline had Mimi’s ex girlfriend jump into their fight with no hesistation; kicking Lex and swinging on random guests. Anywho, I guess Joseline is going to learn about putting her hands on people because as of yesterday 6/12/2023, she was charged with battery and other counts with no bail as of yet.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez

Prayers for Ms. Hernandez and her dealing with drug abuse. Let’s all learn to keep our hands to ourselves


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