Just Dougiee, King of After Hours.

Written by on May 10, 2023


Wassup besties. Back in February me & Moe2Tha had the pleasure of interviewing one of the coolest people in the game right now, Just Dougiee. We’ve known Just Dougiee since our early college days, and when he came on the scene he literally took over. Starting out as a mc at DIXIE parties (iykyk) he captivated the audience & like he said “if there’s no vibe I create one” is exactly what he did. He has a way of charming the audience with his drawl and makes everyone turnup and have a good time all while making everyone feel included & comfortable . Thanks to a fallen soldier, Dougiee is now a DJ and one of his latest traps is Barbies strip club, now he’s working at a different after hour District 1960. He is now the new king of after hours. From MCn to DJing he finally feels like he found his niche. What else can we look forward to from Just dougie you might ask? He’ll be dropping a podcast called __ in the near future and wants to interview any and everybody who’s got an interesting story. Just dougiee built his name off making strong connections with people in the industry. I know that he’ll keep plans continuing his career by perfecting his craft. Because let’s face it, he’s good at everything he does. Instagram: @Justdougiee


Click the link to watch the interview, we got all into his business. If you’re an upcoming DJ or MC we highly recommend you check it out.

Andrea Johnson
Author: Andrea Johnson

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