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Drippin Or Slippin

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Miss Megann’s presents the “drippin or slippin” Live Music Review.

This live broadcasting Show will be broadcasted on all platforms, and musicians will have the chance to get their music played worldwide. The winner of the “drippin or slipping” mixtape contest powered by Miss Megan and Grade A Radio will have the chance to be featured on the mixtape. So if you’re an aspiring musician, this is your chance to have your music heard by a wider audience and potentially win a spot on a professionally-produced mixtape. Good luck!


Miss Megann will be alongside the artists as the music is played, giving feedback and providing tips to help the artists improve. Miss Megan’s reviews are honest and detailed, and she provides valuable insight that can help artists take their music to the next level. Miss Megan is a trusted voice in the music industry, and her reviews are highly respected. If you’re an artist looking for honest feedback on your music, Miss Megann’s Music Reviews is the place to go.

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