SRT Samm Interview

SRT Samm June 9, 2022

Tonight we had SRT SAMM on the show talking about how to boss up and make money just from your couch! Talking everything from the 7 exotic cars he has to crypto & NFT’s. The craziest thing about this whole conversation is that this man is only 17! SRT SAMM & his group HoggShitonly just lauched a course on Patreon with 3 different packages teaching you how to stack your money so you can cop an exotic like them! They’re out here giving game to the youth but the game ain’t ever free. Coming from Scotland all the way to Houston, SRT SAMM has been living pretty comfortably. Not many people want to give the tools of how to be successful, but SAMM being this young and humble, he just wants everybody to eat just like him. We had a great conversation tonight and we’re definitely gonna stay tapped in when it comes to car meets, music videos, & how to stack ya money and double it. He has a Day In The Life of SRT SAMM video coming very soon on his Youtube with the whole HoggShitOnly team so be on the look out for that! Make sure to follow him on all social media platforms @SRT.SAMM

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